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absurdity, aesthetics, albert camus, anarcho-primitivism, andrei tarkovsky, antaeus, arvo pärt, astral projection, atonality, aural hypnox, avant-garde art, bioshock, blade runner, blut aus nord, bruno schulz, buddhism, cause & effect, classics, clive barker, cocteau twins, coffee, cold meat industry, consciousness, cosmos, creation, cyclic law, dali, dario argento, darkness, david lynch, deathspell omega, debemur morti, decadent movement, destruction, deus ex, dissonance, divinity, documentaries, drawing, dystopian visions, esoteric, ethereality, existence, existentialism, experimentation, final fantasy, forests, francis bacon, frasier, fyodor dostoyevsky, giorgio de chirico, h.r giger, herman hesse, hiking, hinduism, industrial sounds & visions, influence, jean-paul sartre, john coltrane, kafka, kayo dot, killer7, layers, leonardo da vinci, ligeti, mass effect, maudlin of the well, meaninglessness, metal gear solid, metaphysics, mountains, multiverse, music composition, my bloody valentine, mysticism, nature, neo-folk, nietzsche, non-thought, norma evangelium diaboli, oneiric visions, perception, peste noire, photography, portal, postmodernism, revolution, richard linklater, robert rich, romanticism, schopenhauer, sleep, slowdive, snow, solipsism, spirituality, stalker, studying, surrealism, tea, textures, the ruins of beverast, thomas mann, thought, transpersonal psychology, tzadik, waking life, wildlife, winter, writing, x-files, yusef lateef
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